1. _MG_1707 on Flickr.

    Team-Upscale 350Z
    Taken by: Me

  2. _MG_1227 on Flickr.

    Inspire EVO
    Photo by: Me


  3. **NEW VIDEO**

    Initial D Reunion Meet 01/26 (Lafayette, CA)


    Created by: Me

  4. **NEW VIDEO**

    Jan 13, 2013 ROM TECH Meet

    Created by: Me

  5. ROM Meet 12/16/12

    This is from the RX-7 meet I attended yesterday. First time shooting a video. Hope you guys enjoy!


  6. Working on a video from the rotary meet yesterday. Will upload in a few!

  7. Hella Bastos Cruise @ Stockton, CA

    Photo by: Me


  8. please support!


    California people! As soon as he hits 250 likes, 1 lucky person will receive a voucher for free powder coating for a set (4) of wheels. Please be sure to like his facebook page for that chance and more!


  9. Blacked Out RX-7 FD @ Wheels ‘N’ Meals 9 (San Jose, CA)

    Photo by: Me

  10. Canibeat Monthly Gathering Sept 7 @ Fremont, CA